Invitation to Bid

Procurement of One (1) unit Pick-Up Type Vehicle to be used by the Social Welfare and Development Office, Guagua, Pampanga (LGU GUA 04-21)Php 999,600.0002/26/202103/11/2021
Procurement of Anti-Rabies Vaccines to be used in the Massive Anti-Rabies Vaccination Program, Guagua, Pampanga
(LGU GUA 03-21)
Php 320,000.0002/26/202103/11/2021
Procurement of Six (6) Heads Female Murrah Buffalo for dispersal to Farmers of Guagua, Pampanga
(LGU GUA 02-21)
Php 300,000.0002/26/202103/11/2021
Procurement of Medicines to be used at RHU-I, II, III, and III-Extension, Guagua, Pampanga for 1st and 2nd Quarter for the Year 2021 (LGU GUA 01-21)Php 1,259,901.0002/26/202103/11/2021
Improvement of Important Cultural Properties(Municipal Building)(LGU GUA 06-21)Php1,000,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Urban Greening of Artist’s Haven at Barangay Sta. Ursula(LGU GUA 07-21)Php400,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Desilting & Dredging Expenses at Sta. Ursula, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga(LGU GUA 08-21)Php1,500,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Extension of Sangguniang Bayan Office(Phase I)(LGU GUA 09-21)Php750,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Construction of Building for 600 liter Capacity Anti-Arsenic Equipment Provided by UP ECAR at San Antonio(Phase I)(LGU GUA 10-21)Php500,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Improvement of Arsenic Building/Facility(Phase II)(LGU GUA 11-21)Php400,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Evacuation Center and DRR Related Equipment – Expansion of 1 Storey Evacuation Center to 2 Storey in Barangay San Agustin(LGU GUA 12-21)Php7,983,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
National Child Development Center(LGU GUA 13-21)Php2,499,897.9303/15/2103/29/21
Installation of Street Lighting System – Phase II (Barangays of San Juan 1st, San Juan Bautista, San Rafael MRF, San Roque, Sto. Niño Market Area, San Agustin Motorpool, Plaza Burgos, Sta. Ursula Megadike, San Juan Nepomuceno, San Miguel, and San Isidro)(LGU GUA 14-21)Php1,500,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Installation of CCTV at Public Market Area(LGU GUA 15-21)Php500,000.0003/15/2103/29/21
Food for Work Project (for victims of Ulysses Typhoon and flood), Guagua, Pampanga (LGU GUA 16-21)Php658,791.004/14/20214/27/2021
Installation of Cold Storage Equipment (LGU GUA 17-21)Php1,000,000.0004/19/2105/03/21
Provision of New Generator Set for the Municipal Building (200 KVA, 230V Sound Proof Generator Set [3 Phase] Diesel Engine) (LGU GUA 18-21)Php3,200,000.0004/19/2105/03/21

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