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Guagua, Pampanga Celebrates Patron Saint’s Day of Santa Rita de Casia


Pampanga, Philippines –  The month of May ends as Mauli Pulungmasle Guagua, Pampanga celebrated its Patron Saint’s Day of Santa Rita de Casia (Saint Rita), last May 22.  St. Rita is also the Patron Saint of Sta. Rita, Pampanga.

The fiesta was celebrated with street dancing, “Tigtigan Terakan” (music and dances) and the popular “Santakrusan “ or “Santa Kruzan”  (Holy Cross,) or “Flores de Mayo” (Flowers of May,) which is an annual procession of saints’ icons accompanied by colorfully dressed young men and women, commemorating Queen Helena’s finding of the cross.

The month of May is also the month of fiestas with the “Santakrusan” considered as the “Queen of Filipino Festivals.”  Mauli Pulungmasle, Guagua is no different from other towns; it celebrated its Santa Rita de Casia’s day from May 13 to May 22.

During the week-long fiesta, local residents shared with visitors, even strangers, food on the table. Guests came from neighboring towns and entered at will, any house they have chosen, and partook of the prepared feast.

Ball room dancing, games, marching bands were featured at the covered court.

On Guagua’s last fiesta day, May 22, a variety show, from 8 pm to 2 am, was held at the covered court, with guests Sarah Lahbati, XLR8 and Pop Girls from Party Pilipinas.