Office of the Department of Interior and Local GovernmentMarites C. MirandaMLGOO
Office of the MayorHon. Anthony Joseph S. TorresMunicipal Mayor(045) 900-2572
Office of the MayorAnthonny S. TwañoMunicipal Administrator(045) 900-2572
Permits and Licenses UnitRomeo V. PaciaLicensing Officer III(045) 402-4405
General Services UnitZenaida M. De LeonSupervising Admin. Officer (Supply Officer IV)(045) 9000-306
Municipal Environment and Natural Resources OfficeCarlito D. Nicdao, MPAMGDH I (OIC – MENRO)(045) 436-6215
Transportation Regulatory Unit and EnforcementAldwin C. Mallari, MPAFocal Person(045) 900-2391; (045) 900-4231
Traffic Management Unit
Office of the Vice-Mayor and Sangguniang BayanHon. Benjamin L. Lim Jr.Municipal Vice-Mayor(045) 402-2590
Office of the Vice-Mayor and Sangguniang BayanRosana G. Pelimco, MPAOIC – Secretary to SB(045) 402-2590
Office of the Municipal Planning and Development CoordinatorElsa P. Pantino, MPA, EnPMPDC(045) 900-2391; (045) 900-4231 / 09627860916
TourismIlona Bansil, MPAMGADH I (Supervising Tourism Officer)(045) 900-2391; (045) 900-4231 / 09627860916
Office of the Local Civil RegistryLiberty M. Dizon, MPAMunicipal Civil Registrar(045) 900-4317
Office of the Municipal BudgetSuzette C. Mallari, MPAMunicipal Budget(045) 900-4231
Office of the Municipal AccountantVeneranda N. LaudMunicipal Accountant(045) 901-0043
Office of the Municipal TreasurerRoy M. Navarro, MPAMunicipal Treasurer(045) 402-4405
Office of the Municipal AssessorMa. Theresa B. Mallari MPA, RESOOIC – Municipal Assessor(045) 900-2746
Office of the Municipal EngineerEngr. Raul G. NaguitMunicipal Engineer(045) 649-4918
Rural Health Unit IDr. Ma. Isabel L. CalilungRural Health Physician(045) 458-0560
Rural Health Unit IIDr. Remedios S. NobleRural Health Physician
Rural Health Unit IIIDr. Ador P. CamayaRural Health Physician
Rural Health Unit III – ExtensionDr. Alfred G. Jones IIIDoctor In-charge
Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and DevelopmentMarybeth M. OrtizM.S.W.D. Officer(045) 900-4496
Office of the Senior CitizenFernando C. MendozaOSCA Head(045) 981-0228
Office of the Persons With DisabilityApolonio DarnaylaPDAO(045) 458-1880
Office of the Municipal AgricultureJe Anette MesugOIC - Municipal Agriculturist Officer
Human Resource Management OfficeAmelito VitugHRMO(045) 900-4231; (045) 626-5750
Public Employment Services OfficeElaine Baul, MPA, EnPPESO Manager Designate(045) 900-4231; (045) 626-5750
Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management OfficeCarlito D. Nicdao, MPA, MBAMunicipal Government Department Head I(045) 598-0584; (045) 436-6215
Economic Enterprise & Management Office (Market Office)Joel MagtotoOIC – Market Supervisor(045) 402-4078
Guagua Community CollegeAllan P. MendozaOIC - School Director(045) 409-8244