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Municipal Profile

Physical Characteristics

Topography and Land Features

The town is almost flat and is suitable to any phase of development; agricultural, industrial, commercial and others. It is only a meter above sea level. The general slope is south and southeast toward the Pampanga de Bay which drains out into Manila Bay. Further, Guagua is traversed by several creeks and tributaries during rainy days, which collect and convey floodwater to the Guagua river and into the Manila Bay.


The climate prevailing in Guagua, like in other parts of Pampanga is Type I – District, wet and dry seasons. The dry season starts from December until May, with the months of March, April and May as the driest and hottest. Upon the other hand, wet season occur from June to November, in which period the rain are heaviest.

Soil Types and Fertility

In general, the soils of Guagua are of recent alluvial origin consisting of fine sand, silt loam and hydrosol. The average chemical analysis of its top soils is : nitrogen, 0.02 to 0.1; phosphorous, 0.06 to 0.28; potassium, 0.46 to 1.74; organic carbon, 0.41 to 3.02; and pH value (acidity and alkalinity), 5.61 to 6.99

Timber, Mineral and Non-Mineral Resources

Guagua, being a non-mountainous community is not graced with either timber, mineral and non-mineral resources. The town’s needs on these materials come from outside sources.

Flora and Fauna

The climate and topographical features of the vast land of Guagua make it ideal for the growing of fruit trees and vegetables. Among the fruit trees most fitting to be planted are mangoes, guavas, santol, star apples, and bananas. For vegetables, sitao, upo, ampalaya, gabi and cucumber are the most commonly produced by farmers and which thrive best in the community.

Being void of forest areas, its fauna are mostly the domesticated ones like, chicken, ducks, cattle, and others.


Guagua is one of Pampanga’s highly populated towns. Based on our year 2007 estimates, there are 111,259 inhabitants in Guagua, of which 56,075 are men and 55,184 are women. This figure is expected to double in year 2042.

Location and Political Composition

The Municipality of Guagua is one of the twenty-one towns of the Province of Pampanga, Philippines. Along with  the towns of Lubao, Porac, Sta. Rita, Floridablanca and Sasmuan, Guagua belongs to the 2nd District of Pampanga.

Located on the western part of the province, Guagua is about 9.5 kilometers off the City of San Fernando, and approximately 77 kilometers away from Metropolitan Manila.  The town is bounded on the north by the towns of Bacolor and Sta. Rita; on the south by the towns of Sasmuan and Lubao; on the east, Macabebe and Sasmuan; and on the west, Porac and Floridablanca.

Guagua composed of 31 jurisdictional units or barangays.  For political and economic purposes, it is subdivided into four (4) sectoral areas, to wit:

Plaza Burgos
San Nicolas 1st
San Pedro
San Rafael
San Roque
Sta. Filomena
Sto. Cristo
Sto. Niño
San Vicente
Jose Abad Santos
San Pablo
San Juan 1st
San Jose
San Matias
San Isidro
San Antonio
San Agustin
San Juan Bautista
San Juan Nepo
San Miguel
San Nicolas 2nd
Sta. Ines
Sta. Ursula